Monday, December 3, 2018

New Certification Feature: The Assigned-Customer Multiplier

As you know, Customer-Certified Dealers receive assigned customers from AMSOIL. Starting Jan. 5, 2019, Customer-Certified Dealers who bring in more new qualified customers are going to have even greater chances to receive customers. Here’s how it works: All Customer-Certified Dealers are in a randomly ordered pool. Once assigned a customer, you move to the bottom of the rotation. Effective Jan. 5, if you reach a total of 12 new qualified customers within the past 12 months we’ll give you an extra listing in the rotation. Then, we’ll add you again for every eight additional new qualified customers you bring in. The more new qualified customers you bring in every year, the more chances you’ll have to be assigned buying customers from AMSOIL. Think of the compounding effect that will have on your commissions. See page 19 of the December AMSOIL Magazine for more details on Dealer Certification.

New Certification Process Now Live
We recently launched an improved Dealer Certification process that is more mobile-friendly and engaging. This simplified process is designed to help you unlock more AMSOIL benefits and grow your business. Become Certified and encourage Dealers in your group to as well. Check out the new Dealer Certification Program in AU Online.