Monday, December 3, 2018

Dealer Zone Report Enhancement

There has been a minor enhancement to the Commercial Account section of the Active Personal Customers Report in the Dealer Zone. The Discount % column now indicates if a commercial account’s discount has gone up or down within the last 30 days. To access this information, click on Reports in the left navigation, scroll down to Active Personal Customers and click on CA.

Remember, the only time a commercial account’s discount can go down is on Jan. 1 when discount recalculations are done for the upcoming year. A commercial account’s discount can go up any time during the year if they reach a new spending threshold, and that new discount will be carried over for the full following year.

Be sure to monitor these reports. Communicating new discount information and letting your commercial accounts know how close they are to achieving a new discount encourages sales and lets them know you are a valuable partner.