Thursday, November 1, 2018

Improvements Coming to Here’s What You Need to Do

As previously announced, we’re launching a refreshed website in early 2019 and transitioning to a new ecommerce platform. Users will notice an improved shopping experience and a refreshed, more mobile-friendly interface. These changes will help support sales growth now and into the future.

What does that mean to me and my customers?
Like most ecommerce platforms, the new will require a unique email address to identify each customer. This means all AMSOIL customers must have a unique email address on file with AMSOIL INC.

This requirement presents challenges to customers in either of the following situations:

• No email address on file with AMSOIL

Some customers order exclusively by telephone and have never provided an email address. In these situations, we will create a placeholder email address for the customer using the customer number and “@yyy.zzz.” While doing so satisfies the requirements of the new, your customers won’t receive important ordering information, product promotions and other updates from AMSOIL.

• Duplicate email addresses on file with AMSOIL

In some cases, one email address has been used for multiple customer accounts. For example, an auto parts store owner might have a retail account to buy for his store and a Dealership through which he sells to other businesses. In other cases, a Dealer may use his own email address for his Preferred Customers.

In these cases, we have attempted to identify the primary customer associated with each email address used with multiple accounts. We then created placeholder email addresses for the remaining accounts using the customer number and “@yyy.zzz”. Again, while this satisfies system requirements, your customers won’t receive important updates from AMSOIL or enjoy the best possible customer experience.

What AMSOIL is doing
We will apply these changes and update your customer reports in the Dealer Zone on Nov. 15, 2018. While this solution isn’t ideal, it’s necessary to launch the new and position Dealers for increased sales as technology continues to evolve.

What you need to do
Tell your customers that AMSOIL is improving its website to ease navigation and ordering. But to receive shipping confirmation, order updates, product promotions and other information, they need to have an active, unique email address on file. Either you or your customers can call AMSOIL INC. at the number below to provide that information.

How do I update an email address?
Call 1-800-777-7094, Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CT and provide the information to the Customer Service Representative.