Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Making it Easy: The New SEVERE GEAR® Easy-Pack

The new SEVERE GEAR easy-pack makes the job of changing differential fluid faster and cleaner, and eliminates the need for a pump. This latest AMSOIL innovation helps you provide your customers with an all-in-one solution to challenging gear lube installations.

AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR 75W-90 and 75W-140 100% Synthetic Gear Lube are now offered in a durable, all-in-one package that makes installation as easy as opening it, inserting the nozzle into the fill hole and squeezing.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Free Shipping, New Discount Schedule for Commercial Accounts

Free Shipping
Effective Aug. 1, commercial accounts receive free shipping for orders totaling $350 ($450 Can.) or more. If the order total is less than $350 ($450 Can.), a flat shipping rate of $11.99 ($13.99 Can.) will apply.

Free shipping is available for commercial accounts in the contiguous U.S. and Canada. It is not available in Alaska or Hawaii at this time. Additional charges may still apply if accounts require lift-gate, call-before-delivery or other special services. Interline fees will also still apply for shipping to remote areas of Canada (visit for more information).

Simplified Commercial Discounts
We’ve also simplified the discount process and made it easier for accounts to receive higher discounts faster. At the beginning of each year, an account’s discount is locked-in based on its purchases over the previous 12 months. Accounts that purchase enough to qualify for a discount are granted that discount immediately, and continue receiving that discount for the remainder of the year.

U.S. Discount Levels
Spend Level                             Discount
$5,000 - $9,999.99                     5%
$10,000 or more                        10%

Canada Discount Levels
Spend Level                             Discount
$6,000 - $11,999.99                   5%
$12,000 or more                        10%

In addition, new accounts will receive an annualized rate for purchases so they can earn their discounts at the end of the year regardless of when they registered.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

New Commercial Program Tools

Replacing the discontinued How to Use the Commercial Program booklet (G1303), the new Commercial Program Guide (G3563) is designed to help Dealers grow their businesses by registering, and selling AMSOIL products to, commercial accounts. It covers potential markets, how you earn money, tips for prospecting and preparing for sales calls, information about all the benefits of the Commercial Program, the tools available to help you register accounts and more.

Stock #             U.S.      Can.
G3563               4.00      5.35

Commercial Account Kit (G1007 U.S., G8107 Can.)
We’ve overhauled and simplified the Commercial Account Kit into an all-in-one booklet and catalog that include everything needed to establish a commercial account:

• Welcome letter explaining the steps needed to complete the application process
• Commercial Account Application
• Uniform Sales Tax Certificate
• Confidential Credit Application
• Commercial Account Ordering, Freight & Discount Information
• Professionals Catalog

The booklet also covers all the great benefits of registering as a commercial account, including free shipping and purchase discounts. The front cover includes an area for your contact information and business card should you choose to leave the booklet behind for the prospect to complete.

Stock #                                     Units    Pkg./Size     U.S. Dealer       Can. Dealer
G1007 (G8107 in Canada)          EA        1 kit                  5.00                  6.60

Three Powerful New Aerosols

Launching Aug. 8, AMSOIL Mudslinger, Engine Degreaser and Glass Cleaner deliver performance that customers can see immediately.

Mudslinger provides a protective layer of armor against the accumulation of mud, dirt and snow on ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes, easing clean-up.

Engine Degreaser effectively cleans engine surfaces by cutting through grease, oil and grime.

Glass Cleaner cuts through grease and grime faster than other leading glass cleaners, stays where you spray it and leaves no streaks.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

New Toyota*/Lexus* Filter Cap Wrench

Designed to install and remove AMSOIL Ea® Oil Filters in hard-to-reach locations, this easy-to-use 64-mm filter wrench (GA248) has a combination 3/8” square drive and hex drive for easy installation and removal. Designed with extra thick wall construction to help withstand the higher torques required for the Toyota and Lexus oil filters. Recommended for use with the following filters: Ea15K01, Ea15K02, Ea15K04 and Ea15K49.

Stock #             U.S.      Can.
GA248              7.00      9.30

BMK30 Fittings List

To help ease installation of the Heavy-Duty Bypass System (BMK30), a list of fitting suggestions and locations for different heavy-duty engine applications is now available on the Heavy-Duty Bypass System webpage.

BMK34 Now Recommended for Nissan* 5.0L Cummins* Application

The Cummins 5.0/5.9/6.7L Single-Remote Bypass System (BMK34) can now be used with the Nissan 5.0L Cummins application. The BK1104 aluminum filter adapter is required for installation. Check out for more information and installation videos.

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