Tuesday, January 2, 2018

?zo= A Powerful Addition to Your Dealer Toolbox

Reach out to prospective AMSOIL customers and Dealers with a personalized Dealer-number transferring link. It’s the easiest and fastest way to follow up on potential orders, purchases and applications.

How to Use Your Dealer-Number Transferring Links:
1. Get the mobile phone number or email address of the prospective customer/Dealer to follow up with him or her.
2. Find and copy the URL of the AMSOIL.com webpage relevant to the prospect’s particular interest.
3. At the end of the webpage URL, type ?zo= and your Dealer number.
4. Send this Dealer-number transferring link to your prospective customer/Dealer via text message or email.

Why Use Dealer-Number Transferring Links?
• Point potential customers and Dealers directly to relevant product info, program applications and more in one easy click.
• Your Dealer number will be linked when they visit any page on AMSOIL.com (up to 30 days). That means you’ll get credit for referring them when they make purchases or submit applications.

For more information, search “How do I create a Dealer-number transferring link to another page on amsoil.com?” in the Knowledgebase (located in the Dealer Zone).