Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Business-Building Resource for Dealers

Over the past several months, we've committed to simplifying the Dealer opportunity for new Dealers and helping them hit the ground running. For example, we recently introduced changes to Dealer memberships, including the new Dealer Kit. The Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472) that comes with the kit answers new Dealers' basic questions and provides guidance during the early stages of their business.

To provide additional support, we've created the Dealer Game Plan. It's a 30-page PDF document housed in the Dealer Zone that builds upon the foundation established in the Quick-Start Guide. The Dealer Game Plan provides instructions on setting business goals, the AMSOIL Buy-Sell Process, building a prospect list, using social media and other important steps in starting an AMSOIL business. It includes a list of activities new Dealers should complete at their own pace and on their own schedule. Links to important resources in the Dealer Zone and on amsoil.com are included throughout for maximum convenience. We designed the Dealer Game Plan not only to provide Dealers direction for building their business, but to inspire them to realize the success they envisioned when they signed up.

Spend some time reviewing the Dealer Game Plan to familiarize yourself with its contents. Though designed for new Dealers, long-time Dealers may find it helpful for jump-starting their businesses, too. Use it in your recruiting efforts and share it with new Dealers in your personal group. If they have questions, work through it with them. Click the Dealer Game Plan icon on the Dealer Zone homepage at myaccount.amsoil.com to download copies.