Friday, December 1, 2017

Preferred Customer Price Increase Jan. 5

Effective Jan. 5, Preferred Customers are subject to a minimal 5 percent price increase. Even with the price adjustment, Preferred Customers still save up to 25 percent over retail prices. The rest of the market, including competitors like Mobil*, is issuing 6-9 percent price increases to all consumers, and none of them offer a wholesale buying option. The AMSOIL P.C. Program is the best value out there.

This is a new set of pricing; we are not increasing prices across the board on other wholesale account types, e.g., Dealers, retail accounts and commercial accounts. However, we are carefully reviewing all products, and a select few may receive minimal price adjustments as necessary. New wholesale and P.C. pricing will be available in the Product Pricing Interface in the Dealer Zone. New P.C. pricing will also appear in the P.C. edition of AMSOIL Magazine, which will be sent to all P.C.s in January rather than February. You can order copies of the P.C. edition using G17PC and specifying the issue. New P.C. prices will not be added to the AMSOIL Wholesale Price List (G3500, G8500). Stay tuned for more information on this and other exciting program changes next month.

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