Tuesday, August 1, 2017

AMSOIL Dealership Upgrades: Investing in Your Success

Providing Dealers with the tools and resources needed to build their businesses has always been a top priority for AMSOIL. The upgrades to AMSOIL Dealerships keep the spotlight on Dealers from the day they register through the life of their businesses. New AMSOIL Dealers will now receive an upgraded Dealer Kit, complete with new literature, product samples and more. All content in AU Online, as well as the Premium Dealer Zone, is now available to new and existing Dealers at no additional charge.

As an extra incentive to take action, new Dealers will receive a 10 percent rebate on their first order if it is placed within the first 30 days of their registration.

To help offset the cost of these improvements, Dealer fees will receive the following adjustments (taxes not included):

Registrations:   U.S.                 Can.
One Year:         $49.95*             $64.95**

Renewals:        U.S.                  Can.
One Year:         $49.95*             $64.95**
Auto Renew      $40.00*             $50.00**
(One Year)
Five Years:       $200.00*           $250.00**

*With direct deposit or a reloadable Visa card.
**With direct deposit.

The six-month Dealership option is no longer available. At registration, new U.S. Dealers can choose direct deposit or the new option, a reloadable Visa card. Unfortunately, reloadable Visa cards are not an option in Canada. Paper checks will not be presented as an option. Existing Dealers who wish to continue receiving paper checks will be charged an additional $10 annually ($59.95 [$74.95 Can.]) for a one-year renewal, $49.95 [$64.95 Can.] with auto-renew or $250 [$325 Can.] for a five-year renewal).

Renewal Promotion
Starting Aug. 1, a one-year promotion will allow existing Dealers who request a reloadable Visa card or enroll in direct deposit to renew for $30 ($45 Can.) one more time. Dealers currently enrolled in direct deposit are also eligible.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for more information.