Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Heavy-Duty Corrosion Protection

New MPHD Formulation Launches Jan. 23
AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Metal Protector (AMH) has been reformulated to provide improved performance as a corrosion inhibitor. Although it still provides lubricating properties, its primary focus is corrosion protection. AMSOIL Chain Lube (ACL) is recommended for chain lubrication needs.

MPHD is an easy-to-use, spray-on product that effectively protects metal surfaces that are exposed to the damaging effects of salt, moisture or chemical corrosion. It is ideal for steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper and other metal surfaces exposed to water, dirt or road salt.

• Protects metal from the effects of water, salt and humidity
• Excellent long-term protection against corrosion
• Displaces water and prolongs equipment life
• Leaves a dry, long-lasting, wax-like film
• Resists dirt
• Sprays into hard-to-reach places

See the January AMSOIL Magazine for more information.