Thursday, September 1, 2016

AMSOIL Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Management

If you or any of your accounts are tax-exempt, knowing how sales tax exemption certificates work and how AMSOIL manages them will help you and your customers run your businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Dealers and accounts with a state sales tax exemption are required to file a valid sales tax exemption certificate with AMSOIL. Valid exemption certificates must be legible, complete and have a valid state sales tax exemption claimed for the products being purchased. States will not accept incomplete exemption certificates. Some state sales tax exemption certificates expire automatically, while others do not have a specified expiration date. As good practice, AMSOIL automatically invalidates sales tax certificates with no specified expiration after three years. Some states require certificates to be filed annually.

Dealers and accounts receive email notifications at 45, 30, and 15 days prior to certificate expiration. It is important to keep an up-to-date, valid email address on file for tax-exempt accounts. If updated information is not received, the certificate in question will be allowed to expire. Once updated information is received, Dealers and accounts are eligible for a refund of sales tax charged during the lapse. To request a refund, please complete and submit a Sales Tax Adjustment Form (G20) to AMSOIL Account Services within 90 days of product order date.

If you are already registered for sales tax exemption in your state(s) or province(s), but need to file a valid tax exemption certificate with AMSOIL, please complete the Uniform Sales Tax Certificate (G495G495C Can.) or the appropriate state exemption form and submit it to AMSOIL Account Services.