Monday, February 1, 2016

AMSOIL University Online Makes Great First Impression

The early returns are in and AMSOIL University Online appears to be a big hit. Since launching free trial access of AU Online Jan. 4, hundreds of Dealers have sampled the training content and provided valuable feedback to the AMSOIL Dealer Development Department. We’re happy to report that the reaction to AU Online has been overwhelmingly positive.

One Dealer described AU Online as “Great stuff. I’m glad it’s available online. Can’t wait for more content.”  Another Dealer said, “I enjoyed the focus on a very specific area that can be applied to all areas of the AMSOIL sales process.” Yet another Dealer commented, “From what I’ve experienced so far, I can see AU Online being a very useful tool.”

While there was plenty of praise for AU Online, we also received many suggestions for improvements. We take your feedback seriously and use it to develop content that will be challenging, interactive and useful. We are striving to create a more user-friendly, convenient learning experience for all Dealers.

AU Online was launched with a handful of training presentations and will continue to grow with regular updates and new materials as they are developed. It will also feature time-zone specific webinars, allowing Dealers to interact with corporate staff. Ultimately, AU Online will offer the same presentations and comprehensive training Dealers received at the live, four-day AMSOIL University training events and more. The free trial ends March 31. A minimal annual fee of $24.99 will then be required to access levels of training beyond T-1. Save $5 on registration by retaking the T-1 Certification course each year, bringing your annual investment in AU Online to only $19.99.

In the meantime, we encourage all Dealers to experience AU Online personally and free of charge. The eventual home of all training activities, the new AU Online immerses Dealers in sales, technical and marketing training, business-building strategies and more. The site is easily accessible in the Dealer Zone and you can review the information at any time, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Education is key for your success. To explore AMSOIL University Online, log in to the Dealer Zone and click the AU Online link.