Monday, January 4, 2016

AMSOIL Invests in Upgraded Commission Software

We recently completed an investment in upgraded commission software that ensures we are prepared to continue supporting the AMSOIL business opportunity well into the future by accurately calculating commissions, bonuses and recognition. The software also provides a foundation so improved reports can be provided in the future to help Dealers manage their businesses more effectively. Over the next several weeks, existing reports and commission statements in the Dealer Zone will convert to the new system. While the content will largely remain the same, Dealers will notice some minor design and formatting changes. Some repetitive information has been removed, while a greater level of detail will be provided for retention, duplication and other bonuses. This upgrade necessitated one minor change to the way qualification bonuses for commercial and retail accounts are calculated. These accounts have traditionally been considered qualified when they exceed $100 in total product purchases. This is the only commission or bonus that was based on product price. The new software system can only use commission values such as commission credits, retail profits and account cash commissions. To accommodate the new software, accounts will now be considered qualified when they exceed 22 account commission credits (roughly equivalent to the previous $100 minimum purchase requirement). Other than these minor changes, conversion to this upgraded system should be seamless for all Dealers.