Tuesday, December 1, 2015

European Car Formula Evolves

The European Car Formula Synthetic Motor Oil labels are being revised slightly, removing the focus from SAPS levels and placing it on something easier for customers to understand: emissions system protection. The European Car Formula products will be referred to as the following:

Labels reflecting the changes will begin appearing as inventory of European Car Formula products with current labels is depleted.

In addition, five-liter packaging is discontinued and available while supplies last. Affected European Car Formula products are available in gallons effective Dec. 1.

European Car Formula 5W-30 Improved ESP Synthetic Motor Oil (AEL) has been reformulated and now covers these additional specifications:

· Chrysler MS-11106
· dexos2™

The new formulation will be available in quarts and drums once the current formulation sells out. Forecasts predict the current formulation to last through January. Watch the Dealer Zone for an announcement of availability. The new formulation is available in gallons effective Dec. 1.

European Car Formula 5W-40 Classic ESP Synthetic Motor Oil (EFM) now carries the following additional manufacturer approvals:

· MB-Approval 229.5
· Porsche A40

See the December AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

AMSOIL Launches New Lead-Handling Process

On Dec. 1 AMSOIL launched a new process to nurture leads who request information about AMSOIL. This process affects all customer and Dealer leads and was carefully designed to improve conversions and maintain the prospect-Dealer relationship.

The new process uses automated marketing software to nurture leads and pass them onto T-1 Certified Dealers when they convert to paying customers or AMSOIL Dealers. It’s important to note that leads who indicate a specific Dealer when they make contact with AMSOIL will be handed off to the Dealer they reference once they convert. Dealers will be able to see Dealer lead information, but we ask that Dealers keep in mind that leads are automatically receiving nurturing emails from AMSOIL and that additional emails may be considered spam, potentially causing Dealers to lose Dealer leads.

For an explanation of the new lead-handling process, see the October AMSOIL Magazine. More information will be available in the December AMSOIL Magazine.

AMSOIL University Online Launches Jan. 4

On Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 we will launch AMSOIL University Online, a training site exclusive to AMSOIL Dealers. The eventual home of all training activities, AU Online will be an around-the-clock resource, easily accessed through the Dealer Zone. The site will immerse Dealers in sales, technical and marketing training, business-building strategies and more. AU Online will launch with a handful of training presentations and continue to grow with regular updates and new training material as it is developed. Ultimately, AU Online will offer the same comprehensive training Dealers received at the four-day AMSOIL University formerly held every May in Duluth, Minn. and more. Join us Jan. 4 by logging into the Dealer Zone and clicking on the AMSOIL University Online link on the homepage.

New Motor Trend YouTube Show Presented by AMSOIL

AMSOIL has signed on as the presenting sponsor of an all-new engine dyno program that debuted Monday, Nov. 23 on the Motor Trend YouTube channel. Hosted by David Freiburger of the popular online program “Roadkill,” Steve Dulcich of Engine Masters magazine and dyno guru Steve Brule of Westech Performance Group, “Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL” is an informative and fun show featuring parts testing and engine-to-engine shootouts. The first episode appeared Monday, Nov. 23 at youtube.com/motortrend, and new episodes will be added on Mondays throughout the next several months (see schedule).
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New Synthetic Chain Lube Launches Dec. 14

Launching Dec. 14, new AMSOIL Synthetic Chain Lube (ACL) is a dedicated aerosol chain lubricant that penetrates deep into the pins and bushings of chains and leaves a protective coating that will not fling off or attract dirt. Ideal prospects include powersports dealers, off-road dirt bike enthusiasts and on-road sport and cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts. Check the Dealer Zone Dec. 14 and the January AMSOIL Magazine for full details.

Introduction of New AMSOIL Ea® Oil Filters Delayed

Due to supply issues, introduction of the new Ea15K05, Ea15K07 and Ea15K08 cartridge-style Ea Oil Filters has been delayed until mid-December. We apologize for the inconvenience. Continue to check the Dealer Zone for updates.

Holiday Shipping

Keep in mind that shipping companies are extra busy during the holiday season, possibly resulting in shipping delays. Dealers are urged to plan accordingly and place orders earlier than normal to ensure they arrive on time.

New 2016 Calendars Available Now

The new full-color 2016 AMSOIL calendar shines a spotlight on one AMSOIL employee/enthusiast each month of the year. This year's calendar is part of a coordinated campaign featuring print ads, videos and online content. Check the December AMSOIL Magazine for full details.

Calendars personalized with your contact information are available from the AMSOIL Print Center. Click the Print Center icon in the Dealer Zone.

Non-personalized calendars are also available and may be personalized by adding your business card. Simply insert your business card in the slotted area and your contact information is visible for a full 12 months. No minimum-quantity orders required.

AMSOIL Print Center Pricing* - Personalized
1 – 49 calendars            $2.62 each
50 – 99 calendars          $2.19 each
100 – 249 calendars       $1.84 each
250 – 499 calendars       $1.80 each
500+ calendars              $1.48 each

* Includes shipping.

AMSOIL Pricing** - Non-Personalized
Stock #             Qty.      U.S.      Can.
G1105-EA         1          1.75      2.35
G1105-CA         10         15.00    20.00

**Calendars also subject to shipping charges.

Dealer Training Tour Winds Down

The Dealer Development group is winding down its ongoing 2015 Dealer Training Tour schedule, with the last event of the year scheduled in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more meetings in 2016. In addition to Dealer training meetings, each location will be the site of an AMSOIL business opportunity meeting for anyone who may be interested in becoming an AMSOIL Dealer.

AMSOIL Business Opportunity Meetings
Invite your current catalog customers, Preferred Customers or others who may be interested in an independent business opportunity. AMSOIL corporate personnel will present information on AMSOIL products, the AMSOIL Dealer Program and the corporate support system. These meetings will also include successful AMSOIL Dealers sharing their personal stories on how they built their businesses.

AMSOIL Dealer Training Meetings
These meetings are for registered AMSOIL Dealers of all levels, including anyone attending a business opportunity meeting who opts to become a Dealer. The training will be focused on professional Dealer skills, concepts of the AMSOIL common buy-sell process and practical Dealer training by sub-market. The meetings will also identify exciting new tools now available to assist AMSOIL Dealers in growing their businesses.

Meeting Schedule
Saturday, Dec. 12
9:30-11:30 a.m.

Saturday, Dec. 12
1:00-5:30 p.m.

Orleans Hotel
4500 Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89103

All Dealers in the meeting area are invited to attend and encourage any members of their personal groups to do the same. The event is free-of-charge and refreshments will be available. In addition, the Las Vegas Distribution Center will provide extended open hours of operation (9 a.m. to noon) on its Saturday meeting day to allow Dealers to pick-up product orders.

Please pre-register for the event you wish to attend by clicking the respective link above.

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
AMSOIL Building
925 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880