Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Corporate Website Design Launches Nov. 1

In an effort to improve the user experience and increase customer conversion, we began A/B testing on the AMSOIL corporate website in August. Approximately half of new visitors to were routed to a redesigned website featuring different graphic, copy and navigation options, while the other half of new visitors were routed to the current AMSOIL website. After analyzing the actions taken by more than 625,000 new visitors to, test results indicated the redesigned website outperformed the current website in customer conversions, orders and order values. Further optimized for mobile, the redesigned website also drew higher sales from mobile devices. The redesigned website will be incorporated as the new AMSOIL corporate website for all users effective Nov. 1. Just as the Dealer Zone is optimized for Dealers, the AMSOIL website at will be optimized for first-time and infrequent visitors, enhancing their experience and encouraging customer conversion. You are encouraged to contact AMSOIL with any website issues you or your customers experience, but keep in mind the redesign was based on extensive research, analytics and testing, helping convert an increased number of prospects to customers and helping you grow your business.