Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Graphics Package Options for Merchandising Displays
Due to its success, AMSOIL will continue the Dealer Merchandising Display Co-op Program, which offers 60 percent co-op assistance on select merchandising displays to Dealers whose retail accounts make a qualifying purchase. Retail accounts that received an AMSOIL display through the program enjoyed an overall 27 percent increase in sales; retailers that qualified but did not receive a display experienced a collective six percent growth in sales. The program will continue to be a powerful sales tool for Dealers and retailers working to grow their businesses. See the Dealer Merchandising Display Co-op Program Guidelines flyer for full details on the Dealer Merchandising Display Co-op Program.

Additional options have been implemented to provide a more effective message geared toward individual retailers. Dealers whose retail accounts qualify for the Large Metal Display Shelf (G3215) may now choose which interchangeable graphics package their Display Shelf comes with: “Move Up” Graphics Inserts (G3215G), Motorcycle Graphics Inserts (G3217), Marine Graphics Inserts (G3283) or Snowmobile Graphics Inserts (G3218).

Individual display units and interchangeable graphics packages may also be purchased at regular wholesale prices through the Dealer Zone.