Monday, June 1, 2015

Exciting New Training, Tools and Enhancements

AMSOIL University (AU) Online, Knowledgebase and new Dealer Dashboard and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features increase accessibility of Dealer training and provide valuable new business tools.

AMSOIL University Online
Unveiled at AMSOIL University in May and officially launching in January 2016, AU training will soon be available through the Dealer Zone, increasing the accessibility of this valuable training to all Dealers and decreasing the financial and time commitments previously required to attend the training at AMSOIL corporate headquarters.

AMSOIL has launched a powerful new database in the Dealer Zone designed to provide Dealers a user-friendly and efficient way to access and search for information.

Dealer Dashboard Enhancements
In addition to a number of other enhancements, the Dealer Dashboard in the Premium Dealer Zone now features a “Change of Customer Status” section, allowing Dealers to keep track of transferred customers, reactivated customers and customers who recently changed programs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section has been added to the Dealer Business System (DBS), providing an outstanding tool for keeping track of customers, accounts and where your prospects are in the sales process.

See the June AMSOIL Magazine for more information.