Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maximize Sales by Updating Your Retail & Auto Service Center Accounts’ Online Locator Information

AMSOIL introduced the updated Online Locator in May to help Dealers increase retail sales, add new customers and improve customer service. In addition to helping users find an independent AMSOIL Dealer near them, the Online Locator helps them find retail businesses and auto service centers in their area that offer AMSOIL products and services. Each account has its own web page within the Online Locator that displays hours of operation, driving directions and the AMSOIL products the business sells. This information helps customers quickly find what they’re looking for, encouraging them to buy from your retail accounts and boosting your sales. It’s also an excellent tool Dealers can show prospective retail accounts as an added benefit to selling AMSOIL products.

As 50 percent of consumers research product and location information online before purchasing products or services, it is imperative this information is updated for each AMSOIL retail account. To ensure your accounts appear on the Locator, please take a few minutes to ensure your accounts’ information is up-to-date and complete. Customers and prospects who encounter incomplete or missing information are more likely to shop elsewhere, meaning lost sales for you and your retail account. Completing your accounts’ web pages is simple and takes only a few minutes. Follow the instructions below to get started.

1. Navigate to My Business > Retail Account Information Administration.

2. Read the PDF instructions on how to complete the profile builder page.

3. Verify the information on file for each of your accounts is accurate. Accounts with multiple locations require a separate page for each location.