Monday, March 3, 2014

Tax Documents Now Available in the Dealer Zone

AMSOIL Dealers may now access their tax information in the Dealer Zone (My Business > Year End Tax Documents), including printable 1099 Misc (U.S.) and T4A (Canada) forms.

AMSOIL mailed all 1099 forms by January 31, 2014 and all T4A forms by February 28, 2014. As a reminder, AMSOIL is not qualified to provide, and does not offer, any tax advice. Please consult a tax advisor. Dealers suspecting an error on their 1099 or T4A forms are advised to gather their check stubs and call the accounting department at 715-399-6348.

Account Services Contact Information
Fax: (715) 395-5332
Direct Phone Line: (715) 399-6348

Please note: In 2015, tax forms will be available in the Dealer Zone as early as January 31 for U.S. Dealers and February 28 for Canadian Dealers. Dealers will no longer have to wait for the forms to arrive in the mail. AMSOIL will notify Dealers when the forms are available.