Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New AMSOIL Dealer Vehicle Graphics Program

Since the inception of the Dealer network, Dealers have successfully used their vehicles to advertise their AMSOIL businesses using everything from magnets to decals to full vinyl wraps. Many Dealers attribute a great deal of their success to their vehicle advertisements, and AMSOIL thanks them for their initiative and hard work promoting AMSOIL products.

Outdoor mobile advertising has proven effective in multiple formats, but vinyl graphics have emerged as the clear favorite. As vinyl vehicle wraps grew in popularity, an increasing number of Dealers investigated this advertising option only to find that designing, producing and applying professional vinyl graphics can carry more expense than they were willing to bear. AMSOIL has partnered with Lowen Color Graphics to offer a new vehicle graphics program for Dealers that provides professional vinyl graphics and installation at greatly reduced cost.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for more information.