Friday, June 1, 2012

Z.O. Cards No Longer Mailed to Renewing Dealers and Preferred Customers

AMSOIL mails Z.O. cards to Dealers and Preferred Customers as a way for them to identify themselves as such. In the past, identification was required in order to purchase AMSOIL products from an AMSOIL Distribution Center or pay wholesale prices when purchasing from another AMSOIL Dealer. Today Dealer and Preferred Customer information is stored electronically and identification cards are unnecessary. Effective mid-June, AMSOIL is no longer mailing Z.O. cards to renewing Dealers and Preferred Customers. AMSOIL has upgraded the quality of the cards and new Dealers and Preferred Customers will still receive Z.O. cards upon registration. AMSOIL will confirm renewals with a message to renewing Dealers’ email addresses and message center inboxes.