Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Briggs & Stratton® Synthetic 4T Racing Oil Introduced

As previously announced, Briggs & Stratton Synthetic 4T Racing Oil is formulated by AMSOIL and distributed exclusively by Briggs & Stratton. It is now available through Briggs & Stratton distributors nationwide. Although this is a Briggs & Stratton product, beginning March 1 Dealers may purchase up to five cases for personal use and promotional purposes only. Orders can be submitted online or by fax/mail using special order forms in the Dealer Zone (select the Briggs & Stratton Order Form link under the Ordering menu). Because Synthetic 4T Racing Oil (GBS2960) is primarily intended for promotional purposes and is not for resale, there are no commission credits assigned and orders are shipped freight-free.

When Briggs & Stratton, the world’s largest manufacturer of small engines, chose AMSOIL to formulate Synthetic 4T Racing Oil, AMSOIL entered the partnership enthusiastically. Formulating an oil exclusively for Briggs & Stratton’s highest-performing racing engines strengthens the AMSOIL reputation for quality and increases brand recognition. Both benefits help Dealers sell the wide range of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils to small-engine shops, landscaping companies, golf courses, construction companies and other users of equipment powered by all makes of small engines.

Synthetic 4T Racing Oil is formulated specifically to handle the severity of Briggs & Stratton modified competition engines and can also be used in stock engines. AMSOIL DOMINATOR® 5W-20 Synthetic Racing Oil (RD20) is recommended for stock kart racing engines; DOMINATOR 10W-30 Synthetic Racing Oil (RD30) is recommended for stock and modified kart racing engines, including Briggs & Stratton. DOMINATOR Synthetic Racing Oils are also recommended for street applications. Consult the owner’s manual or engine builder to determine the correct viscosity.

The new Briggs/AMSOIL Partnership Sales Flyer (G2956) will be available soon. Watch the Dealer Zone for availability.

Briggs & Stratton Synthetic 4T Racing Oil

Stock #       Units       Pkg./Size       U.S./Can. Price
GBS2960     EA              1 Quart              14.79
GBS2960     CA            12 Quarts          177.48