Friday, March 30, 2012

Catalog Request Form Redesigned

Figure 1.1
Effective April 2, AMSOIL has redesigned the online catalog request form to make it simpler for potential customers to request a catalog. The new version of the catalog request form gives users the option to either download a PDF version of the catalog or request to have a copy sent to them by mail.

Users who elect to download a PDF version of the catalog will not be required to provide their address information (Figure 1.1). If a user arrives at from a Z.O.-transferring link, the Dealer’s Z.O. number is automatically embedded in the downloaded catalog, ensuring the Dealer receives credit for any sales. Prospects who arrive without a Z.O.-transferring link cannot be entered into the T-1 Leads Program because their address is unknown, but when these prospects do choose to place an order, they will be assigned at that time.

Figure 2.1
(Figure 2.1) For users who request a catalog by mail, the form has been simplified in an attempt to reduce the number of users who abandon the form before completing it. The former online catalog request form will remain online but will redirect to a catalog request landing page. This is done to eliminate dead links coming from Dealer websites.

After submitting a request for a mailed catalog, users will be presented with a final screen asking what additional information they might be interested in and how they heard about AMSOIL (Figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1
These fields are optional. After selecting skip or submit on the final screen users will be redirected to a page containing links pertaining to their areas of interest (if supplied). They will also receive an email containing a link back to the page containing links to all areas of interest.

As normal, prospects who request catalogs by mail will be encouraged to provide a referral number or the name of a Dealer they have been working with. The new form also identifies and captures Z.O.-transferring links from Dealers’ websites, banner ads, Facebook pages and other advertisements. Other prospects who have no link to a Dealer will be assigned to T-1 Certified Dealers in the usual manner.