Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From the Dealer Sales Department

Believe it or not, as this is being written, there are only 45 business days left in 2011. Wow, how time flies. So, the question is, how will you end the year? Will you let excuses such as “wait until after the holidays” and “the economy hasn’t gotten any better” get in your way of ending the year on an upswing, or will you decide to end the year on a high note? Don’t lose your focus. How are you going to make the last two months of 2011 the best two months of the year? And, when will you start planning and setting your goals for 2012? Now is the time to start thinking about these topics. Don’t wait until after the Thanksgiving turkey is gone to plan for 2012 and beyond. Do it now; action is the food and drink that will nourish your success for the last two months of this year, 2012 and for all the years to come.

Feel free to contact your sponsoring Dealer, Direct Jobber or the Dealer Sales Department for ideas on how to grow your AMSOIL business.

Good luck and Good Selling!