Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealers Targeted by Other Business Opportunities

AMSOIL Dealers are occasionally targeted to participate in other business opportunities. Although some offers may be legitimate, many are scams or inappropriate offers for AMSOIL Dealers. AMSOIL is not able to prevent most of these solicitations, and Dealers are urged to exercise caution and evaluate opportunities on a buyer-beware basis. The success of AMSOIL Dealers is appealing to those offering these types of solicitations, and with the prominence of the World Wide Web, these offers are expected to increase.

AMSOIL Dealers are free to participate in another business. However, because some opportunities can contradict the AMSOIL message, or even involve products whose use would void the AMSOIL warranty, it is not recommended. Participation can also detract efforts and resources away from the AMSOIL business opportunity, which is a proven effective, profitable and stable business. AMSOIL policy states that Dealers who participate in a second business must refrain from contacting, targeting or soliciting all non-personally-sponsored AMSOIL Dealers.