Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From the AMSOIL Dealer Sales Department

Have you finished writing out your sales plan for the year? It is never too late. Think about this: you wouldn’t drive to Arizona for the first time without following a map, so why would you start the year without a plan for your AMSOIL business? Some Dealers do, and just like trying to arrive at a destination without a map, they become angry and confused without a proper plan. Not sure how to get started? Try following some of the following quick tips on writing a sales plan.

If this is the first time you have written a sales plan, or if you are just starting your AMSOIL business, your sales plan will be a good guide to assist you and get you going. First, make a list of your anticipated monthly expenses. Remember, this plan can be adjusted once you gain a clearer understanding of your actual expenses and sales. Once you have this monthly figure determined, you will know how much you must sell in order for your AMSOIL business to break even.

Next, write down a figure for how much money you would like to make with your AMSOIL business over the next year. Be realistic. If this is your first year in business, it would not be recommended that you write down a six-figure total. Once you have your annual figure decided, divide it by 12 to determine your monthly total. Add this total to the number created in the first step and you have the amount you must sell on a monthly basis to keep your AMSOIL business running.

Next, create a list of every possible way you can sell AMSOIL products. This list has really been started for you with the programs AMSOIL offers, but add some ideas of your own. You can use email, print advertising, guerilla marketing, etc. Also, remember to include online media such as social networks and blogs.

Be sure to use one of these methods, at the very least, every day. Every month, pick a method you may not be comfortable with and try it twice a month for at least six months. Stretch your comfort zone. Pick the three methods you have realized the best success with and use them as your primary sales and marketing strategies.

Keep track of your sales for the year. Research cost-cutting opportunities for your AMSOIL business and put them down on paper.

The main point is to have a plan. Do some research on writing a sales or business plan before you put a pencil to paper. Someone once said that we spend more time planning a two-week vacation than we do planning our life. Avoid this trap. Don’t simply get in your car and start driving to get to Arizona. You might end up in southern California, which wouldn’t be bad, except it was not where you wanted to go. Don’t start the year without a sales plan for your AMSOIL business, and end the year where you planned.