Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stock Code Changes for Retail Catalog, New Free Label Program

Effective December 1, in order to increase efficiency and reduce back orders, AMSOIL Retail Catalogs (G100 U.S., G300 Canada, G100S Spanish) will use the unit of measure system to indicate quantities, and the previous G100A-F, G300A-F and G100SA stock codes will be obsolete.

Dealers who order 900 or more catalogs using product code G100-PK receive free catalog labels from the AMSOIL Print Center. The free label promotion is only valid when catalogs are ordered in groups of 300 using product code G100-PK. For example, a Dealer who orders four G100-PK (1,200 catalogs) will receive 1,200 free labels; however, a Dealer who orders three G100-PK and one G100-CA (1,000 catalogs) will only receive 900 free labels.

How It Works
A Dealer who places a qualifying order receives a promotional code in his or her Message Center inbox. To redeem the promotional code, go to the Print Center, choose the Catalog Upgrade Labels, submit the information to be printed on the labels and enter the promotional code at checkout. Because the code must be manually activated in the Print Center, Dealers must wait one business day before attempting to redeem the code. Promotional codes expire 60 days from date of purchase.