Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beware of Automatic Transmission Fluid Additives

To simplify matters and reduce costs, many transmission fluid installers rely on ATF additives to fortify used fluid, “update” less expensive outdated fluid or add an extra level of protection. Claims by ATF additive manufacturers lead consumers to believe the additives provide everything transmissions need to perform well and last longer. Despite such claims, however, most vehicle and transmission manufacturers specifically warn against using them.

Test data from industry studies demonstrates the shortfalls of a typical ATF additive in the areas of frictional performance, wear protection and cold-temperature performance, while the data also identifies a situation where the ATF additives degraded the performance of the original fluid enough that it no longer met the requirements of the specification for which it was designed.

See the January AMSOIL Magazine or the Automatic Transmission Fluid Additives Technical Service Bulletin for more information.