Thursday, December 30, 2010

AMSOIL Introduces 15,000-Mile Ea® Oil Filters

Smaller sump sizes, smaller filter sizes, engines prone to sludge and increased contaminants in engine oil present a serious challenge to filtration engineers. AMSOIL has overcome all those obstacles with its introduction of 15,000-mile Ea Oil Filters (EA15K). Featuring the same premium nanofiber synthetic media as EAO filters, there are 11 15,000-mile Ea Filters in all, including some that were previously available as 25,000-mile filters. While AMSOIL has had no issues with these filters, the engine technologies used in the vehicles to which they apply are simply too demanding on an oil filter to continue offering 25,000-mile intervals.

Also included in the group of 15,000-mile Ea Oil Filters are a number of filters (EA15K09, EA15K10, EA15K13) that were either discontinued or available only at OEM-recommended intervals due to the engine design issues outlined in AMSOIL Technical Service Bulletins FL-2009-05-01 and FL-2010-04-01. There has been a high demand for the reintroduction of these oil filters, and now annual oil and filter change intervals are once again possible for the corresponding applications.

See the January AMSOIL Magazine for more information.