Friday, October 1, 2010

AMSOIL Reformulates its Line of XL Synthetic Motor Oils

AMSOIL has reformulated its line of Extended Life (XL) Synthetic Motor Oils to provide up to 10,000-mile/six-month drain intervals, or longer when recommended in owners’ manuals or indicated by electronic oil life monitoring systems. Pricing remains unchanged, providing customers with enhanced value.

Featuring extended-drain boost technology, the new formulations boast an extra measure of select additives that neutralize contaminants longer. They continue to provide significant benefits compared to conventional oils, including superior wear control, improved high- and low-temperature protection and increased fuel economy, now throughout a longer drain interval. Reformulated AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils are API SN certified and bear the API donut on the label. They are also formulated to meet or exceed the ILSAC GF-5 performance requirements for gasoline engines that took effect October 1. Because GM only grants dexos1™ licenses to SAE 5W-30 products, only AMSOIL XL 5W-30 carries the dexos1 recommendation.

See the October AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube Tube Size to Change October 15

Because the tube supplier has discontinued its 13-oz. tube size, AMSOIL Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube 13-oz. tubes (AGMTB) will be replaced with 10-oz. tubes effective October 15. Pricing will be adjusted to reflect the smaller tube size:

Note:  The October issue of AMSOIL Magazine states the effective date is October 1; however, a delay from the supplier has pushed the date to October 15.

Severe Gear 75W-110 Canadian Product Code

The Canadian product code for Severe Gear 75W-110 Synthetic Gear Lube quarts (SVTQTC) will change to the U.S. product code (SVTQT) when current inventory is depleted.

Severe Gear Lubes Enhanced

AMSOIL is continually researching methods to enhance its already-superior product line. New additive technology has recently been incorporated into the Severe Gear Synthetic EP Gear Lube line, providing even greater protection and performance. Dealers and customers may notice the fluid color has changed slightly. Pricing remains unchanged. Details will be announced in the November issue of AMSOIL Magazine.

Register Now for 2010 Regional Fall Sales Meetings

AMSOIL is conducting Regional Fall Sales Meetings throughout the country this fall, including Thursday night prime time meetings at various U.S. cities and Saturday meetings in the AMSOIL distribution center cities. Time is running out to attend one of these important meetings. Be sure to register today.

2010 Regional Fall Sales Meetings Schedule
Columbus, OH - October 2
Toronto, ON - October 2
Louisville, KY - October 7
Baton Rouge, LA - October 7
Santa Clara, CA - October 7
Richmond, VA - October 9
Arlington, TX - October 9
Las Vegas, NV - October 9
Denver, CO - October 21
Atlanta, GA - October 21
Wichita, KS - October 23
Chicago, IL - October 23
Orlando, FL - October 23
Edmonton, AB - October 30

Learn new sales strategies and skills. Find out about all the new improvements to the AMSOIL website. Be among the first to learn about exciting new AMSOIL products and the latest industry information on new oil specifications.

In addition to the valuable training, attendees will be eligible to receive a 10 percent rebate on one product order placed during the week of the meeting. All products qualify except for tradeshow display units and the grease impact simulator, which are subsidized by the company on an ongoing basis.

Bring your AMSOIL business cards, and your name could be drawn for a prize. Each attendee will also receive a special “Action Pack” DVD, chock full of AMSOIL video sales tools.

Dealers must be pre-registered for the Fall Sales Meeting they are attending to receive the 10 percent product rebate. To ensure AMSOIL has enough DVD’s and refreshments for all Fall Sales Meeting attendees, pre-registration is extremely important and the only way to take advantage of these benefits.

Join the AMSOIL Regional Sales Managers and other corporate representatives at a meeting near you. For meeting times, specific location information and to pre-register, click the Register for the 2010 Fall Sales Meetings link in the Dealer Zone (under the Training tab), or pre-register by calling 1-800-777-7094 or e-mailing [email protected] Please provide the following information: location/date of the meeting you plan to attend, your name and spouse’s name (if attending), ZO number, phone number and e-mail address.

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