Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Do Customers Buy?

When it comes to potential and current customers, would you rather know how to sell to them, or why they buy? Knowing why customers buy is a much more powerful piece of information.

Well-known sales trainer Jeffery Gitomer trademarked the phrase, “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” No truer words have been spoken. Gitomer offers advice that can benefit all AMSOIL Dealers.

In order to be successful, it is important to understand the buying motives of customers. Salespeople can learn all the “closing techniques” they want, but if they haven’t uncovered the motives of the buyer, they have little chance of making the sale. A Dealer’s job is to find the customer’s buying motives and then satisfy those motives with AMSOIL products and good service. Something else Gitomer said is very important to remember: “People buy for their reasons, not for your reasons.” The focus has to be on the customer and his or her needs and motives; not yours. As Gitomer says, “Your reasons for selling are worthless if they don’t match the customer’s reason for buying.”

Additionally, it is important for Dealers to eliminate the element of risk for customers. If they perceive doing business with you as a risk, they will not buy. The AMSOIL Dealer Sales Department has spoken with many Dealers over the years about how their customers perceive the use of AMSOIL products to be a risk, especially with respect to extended drain intervals. The Dealer’s job is to eliminate this risk.

Study more on buying motives. While uncovering the buying motives of customers is hard work, it eliminates the salespeople who are not motivated enough to do the work. Ask customers why they buy from you. If there is a pattern, take note of it. Ask former customers or potential customers who have turned you down why they no longer or won’t purchase from you. If there is a pattern, be sure to change that behavior. Become a student of buying motives, and you will increase sales. “Find the motive and find the money,” says Gitomer. “Show me the motive and I will show you the sale!”