Sunday, August 1, 2010

UPS Mail Innovations Shipping Service

All U.S. AMSOIL distribution centers are now using the UPS Mail Innovations (UMI) shipping service. Taking advantage of the UPS air and ground transportation network in conjunction with postal work-share programs, UPS Mail Innovations offers delivery times comparable to domestic First-Class. Typically within 24 to 48 hours of pickup, UMI’s fully-automated processing centers will have mail processed and delivered to the proper postal authority.

Packages sent using UPS Mail Innovations can be tracked on Adding delivery confirmations on packages is based on the value of the package; not every package will be sent with a delivery confirmation. The tracking number is always the order number, plus an extra zero on the end (no period). No e-mail notification will be sent. UPS Mail Innovations packages can only be delivered to valid mailing addresses. If there is not a mail receptacle or the address is non-deliverable, the package will be returned to AMSOIL.

Customer Benefits
• Increased efficiency of mail operation — less handling time
• Enhanced visibility through the UPS Mail Innovations proprietary tracking system
• Enhanced processing and sorting, ensuring transit reliability

Examples of products that will ship through UPS Mail Innovations are the following:

Flat Mail (under one pound)
• Brochures
• Catalogs
• Information Kits

Lightweight Products (under one pound)
• Merchandise
• Apparel
• Vitamins
• Filters
• Posters
• CDs
• DVDs

Bound Printed Matter (1-15 pounds)
• Catalogs
• Application Guides
• Brochures
• Handbooks
• Technical Guides
• PC/Dealer Kits