Thursday, July 1, 2010

AMSOIL Price Adjustment

The rapidly increasing costs of lubricant base stocks and additives have been well-documented over the past few months. Although virtually all lubricant manufacturers implemented price increases in January and February, AMSOIL held off. More recently, lubricant manufacturers have implemented 6 to 10 percent price increases on finished products effective June and July. AMSOIL makes every effort to maintain the lowest prices possible and has delayed raising prices for as long as possible. Due to the ever-increasing costs of raw materials, however, AMSOIL is forced to implement a 3 to 6 percent price adjustment in the U.S. effective August 1. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, Canadian prices will remain unchanged at this time. Even with a minimal price adjustment, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants remain the best and most cost-effective choice on the market, saving customers money through extended drain intervals, reduced wear and maintenance and increased fuel efficiency.

Updated pricing information will be available no later than July 1 and can be accessed in the Product Pricing Interface in the Dealer Zone at For pricing effective August 1, select Future Pricing. Pricing files are available in either EXCEL or PDF formats.

Retail and commercial accounts will be notified of the impending price change through both an e-mail and the July Service Line. Servicing Dealers are also encouraged to inform their customers of the price change.

In order to facilitate communications like this from AMSOIL and allow access to important information such as pricing, ordering and product news, AMSOIL encourages Dealers to help their personally-sponsored Dealers, PCs and accounts register for their appropriate account zones. To do so, AMSOIL must have an accurate e-mail address in the Dealer, PC or account’s membership profile. To provide AMSOIL with an e-mail address or to update an e-mail address, use the “Forgot Password” link in the Account Zone area at and follow the instructions at the bottom of the window.