Friday, April 30, 2010

EaO13 Change Intervals

A small number of customers with 2001-2010 Honda and 2002-2010 Acura vehicles have reported their vehicles’ oil pressure lights have illuminated prior to reaching the end of the AMSOIL-recommended 25,000-mile change interval.

To protect the engine, the OEM engineered the oil pressure sensor to trigger the oil light when there is insufficient oil pressure to maintain an adequate level of protection. Each filter is equipped with a by-pass valve, so when the filter is at or close to capacity, the engine is continually supplied with adequate lubrication oil, although unfiltered. However, if the filter reaches maximum capacity, the level of restriction can become significant enough to trigger the oil pressure warning light. In extreme situations, oil starvation can occur. Premature oil filter capacity can be attributed to a number of factors such as poor air filtration, a leaking air intake system or excessive contaminants being produced in the combustion process.

AMSOIL recommends changing the EaO13 Oil Filter according to OEM-recommended intervals in the following applications:

• 2001-2010 Honda
• 2002-2010 Acura
• 1992-2006 Chrysler imports
• 1993-1997 Ford Probe
• 1996-2010 Nissan/Infiniti
• 1971-2000 Mazda
• 1999-2000 Mercury Villager
• 1990-2010 Mitsubishi
• 2004-2007 Saturn

Upon request, the following options are available for customers who have purchased EaO13 filters:

1) AMSOIL will provide one WIX filter and one quart of top-off oil at no charge.
2) New EaO13 filters in inventory may be exchanged for two WIX filters.
3) For customers who do not want replacement filters, refund or Dealer account credit requests will be honored.

These options are handled through the Technical Services department.

For more information, see the AMSOIL EaO13 Oil Filter Technical Service Bulletin located in the Technical Service Bulletins section of the Dealer Zone, or contact AMSOIL Technical Services at (715) 399-8324 or [email protected].