Friday, April 30, 2010

AMSOIL Modifies T-1 Leads Qualifications

Last December, AMSOIL implemented a revised T-1 Certification Program aimed at improving conversion of leads to buying customers. The revised T-1 Program has enabled the company to more efficiently and effectively respond to prospects, while increasing the opportunity for Dealers to convert them into customers. It has also generated a lot of Dealer feedback concerning the new qualification standards.

After analyzing the numbers, AMSOIL decided to revise the qualification standards for remaining eligible for the Leads Program and Dealer Locator. These new qualification requirements take effect on June 1, 2010, when the current six-month grace period for all T-1 Dealers expires:

New Qualification Standards
A Dealer must earn commissions of at least $10 in the last six months and meet one of the following requirements:

• Have at least one new, personally-sponsored customer (Dealer, PC, RA, CA) in the last six months.
• Have at least five current, personally-sponsored customers (active Dealer/PC, protected CA/RA).

When a Dealer becomes T-1 Certified, he or she earns the right to participate in the many AMSOIL co-op programs. The next step is to register Dealers, Preferred Customers, retail or commercial accounts and generate a minimum of $10 in commissions. Once accomplished, the T-1 Dealer earns the right to participate in the Dealer Locator and Leads Program. While the qualifying requirements have been relaxed, they still require a Dealer to demonstrate the ability to register a new customer, earn commissions and service customers.

The lead follow-up requirements for Dealers who receive T-1 issued leads remain unchanged. When a T-1 lead shows up in a Dealer’s Message Center, he or she has two days to accept or reject it. The Dealer then has seven days to log into the Dealer Zone and complete the follow-up section for the lead. Failing to respond to three T-1 leads in a row, or failing to provide follow-up confirmation for three T-1 leads in a row, results in that Dealer being removed from the program.

One of the goals of the new T-1 Certification Program is to ensure that only Dealers serious about providing timely lead follow-up be allowed to participate. This goal will help improve the image of AMSOIL and the Dealer network and translate into more prospects being contacted and converted into customers.